Orozco presents THCA’s views on cell towers to Planning Committee

Board member Danilo Orozco, who last November at our AGM  made a presentation about the challenge of influencing the outcome of the 0wners place three cell antenna’s on the medical building at 1637 Woodroffe Avenue today makes a presentation to the City of Ottawa Planning Committee.

THCA is please that the proposed bylaw on application for installation provides an opportunity for individual comment and an information session, and that a record would be made and retained.   Three ways that the bylaw could be strengthened:

7 g  pre-application consultation with the ward councillor is permissive.   If the health and other concerns of residents of our community is any indication of the reaction of those affected in other parts of the city, we believe the councillor ought to take an active role in the process.      

The bylaw seems silent on the installation of more antennas once the site is approved. Given the concern of residents over potential health effects, it is not unreasonable that such a circumstance be contemplated.

The bylaw sets a waiver for the same height from the ground as from the top of buildings. Most antennas are from buildings. Both should be captured under the same height restriction. Indeed the bylaw should be scope to cover all installations that are adjacent to residences.

THCA favors a role for the city is the approval of antenna locations and there number at a particular site. These recommendations were forwarded to Councillor Egli who forwarded them to members of the Planning Committee.

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