T-H: Citizens of Our Capital City

THCA Board’s February 2012 View on “Section 37” of the Ontario Planning Act
(Before City Council for implementation in Ottawa).
Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association supports initiatives that foster citizens’ engagement in the lives of their neighbourhood, ward and city. The Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa, in which THCA holds membership, also supports initiatives that foster citizens’ engagement. ‘On February 12 the Federation released a brief on Section 37 of the Planning Act which said: We strongly support the immediate adoption of a Bylaw to allow Section 37 benefits to be obtained when properties are substantially rezoned.’ The THCA Board does not foresee any rezoning in our community in the next 5-10 year. And the Ward does not have building hights to which Section 37 initialy would apply.   But in City View and in Trend Arlington rezoning is taking place. On Greenback, rezoning not as reflective of residents’ wishes as TACA would have hoped.

From our community association’s experience of advocacy regarding the rezoning and development of Roydon Place and Cross Roads [Merivale & Hunt Club] and the associated building of our Community Center, our board could speak to # 8 of the Federation’s submission: Section 37 priorities need to be set with meaningful community association and public input. We encourage

· City wide standards
· Section “Determination of Appropriate Types of Community Benefits” ensures public input in determining community benefits.
· For any specific project, public discussion on proposed Community Benefits take place prior to the City’s Planning Committee meeting.

To us, these fits within a policy framework of a transparent, predictable, fair process which provides a meaningful role for citizens and local associations which we support.

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