Fun Day A Great Success

The highlight of the February 4 Family Funday was the attendance of Mayor Jim Watson who was congratulated on his success in learning to skate by many of those in attendance. Mayor Watson said that he enjoys meeting voters and their families and being present at community events. He toured our community center, expressed interest in our neighbourhood builders recognition program and was impressed that Appleseed Snowblowing clears our and other community rinks gratis. He spoke with our facility manager Pauline Budd Kenny, program facilitator Allen Deering, activities co-ordinator Niki Mintenko, TPCRink coordinator John Clarke, and TPCRink Manager Matt Budd-Kenny. Also present was Ward Councillor Keith Egli who praised other event organizers Annet de Boer, Ted Baker, Anna Njuguna, Maria Baker, Danilo Orozco, Lucy and Franz Gierer and Graeme Roderick. Tickets were on sale for our Annual Spring Dance (May 5).
The kids again beat the adults and the community beat the dedicated volunteers in the annual tug-a-war.

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