Aesthetics and Safety

On April 13,  to your Association’s dismay, Hydro Ontrio removed several trees near the playground at the City of Ottawa’s Tanglewood Park.  The larger diameter evergreen was a beautiful one – approx 18 inches in diameter.  Its height had been cropped by Hydro a few years ago.   If the City approved this cutting in the Park, why were we not consulted?

A Hydro person on site said that they want to avoid future maintenance by taking down the trees that grow under the hydro lines.  Hydro did the same along their easement behind the bus shelter on Woodfield east of Downsview.   At the park and bus shelter the stumps were left in place.  Not only are they unsightly, perhaps they are a ‘trip hazard’ for kids playing on the small hill.

THCA will be exploring with our Councillor Keith Egli  how we go about getting some new low height trees/foliage reinstated in these areas, and getting the stumps grinded below grade.

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