Community Leader’s Breakfast at City Hall

On  June 12, Pauline Budd (Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association), Raymond Martinuk (Manordale-Woodvale Community Association), Kevin MacDonald (Merivale Gardens Community Association),  Agnes Warda (The Glens Community Association),  Stewart Kronberg (Trend-Arlington Community Association), Jason Cameron (Country Place Community Association), and Jeff Seaman ( General Burns Community Assoication) joined Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Keith Egli for breakfast at the mayor’s board room.  The objective of the breakfast was to encourage open communication between community associations, the Mayor’s office and their Councillor’s office.

Pauline spoke about

(1)    the need to continue the rink grants (even though the winter conditions in recent years have presented challenges), community rinks benefit youth and families, and provide a great healthy outdoor sport

(2)    the need for improved environmental analysis and city planning regarding the placement of cell towers (eg the proposed tower on the Woodroffe medical building and perceived impact on the nearby residences)

(3)    Myers Ryders need for a permanent field location, although welcome, use of our Tanglewood Park field impacts traffic/parking and their use is not a typical use

The dialogue was lively and productive and all parties appreciated the opportunity to openly discuss issues and matters affecting residents of Ward 9.

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