Coyote Alert

A  coyote was spotted again yesterday between Woodfield and Benlea around 3:30 pm  and again at 5:30 pm where the Hydro Towers are located. The coyote’s have build a Den in the forest area behind the Nepean Sportplex. Be careful when you are out walking your dog or just going for a walk.

If you should encounter a coyote, wave your arms aggressively, make loud noises, throw objects in its direction [ but not at it]. Back away slowly from the animal, do not turn your back or attempt to run away.

Coyote Facts: Coyotes by nature are more comfortable roaming in residential neighborhoods when fewer people are outside.

Coyotes will eat almost anything,they hunt rabbits,rodents,fish,frogs,deer, ferrel cats, deer and even dogs that are left outside.

January and February are mating season for coyotes which means coyotes are much more active during this time thus making


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