Earth Weekend in Tanglewood-Hillsdale

Earth Day [ April 22] like Earth Hour, is an opportunity to reflect on what lifestyle changes each of us might make on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis that would benefit our children’s and grandchildren’s prospects for living in a healthy environment.  Why not also think of today and the quality of life of your friends, neighbours and ourselves.  We could start small with readily manageable personal choices, such as reducing our lunch waste in the workplace, shopping locally, changing our diets to facilitate local sourcing of food,  planting some of the native species of trees that flourish in our climate or growing some of our own food in garden plots or container gardens. In these last two instances, we may want and need to give serious attention to water conservation measures in the coming gardening season. We could also be mindful of where we dispose of our litter.  You could give a hour of your time in helping to clean up the litter in our community.  If you can spare an hour, contact Graeme at [email protected].   He can provide you with gloves, and a bag.  If you have a location on mind, let him know.

The Federation of Citizens of Ottawa encourages the members of community associations throughout Ottawa to participate in the clean-up of our City.

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