Fayez Aboulchaar appointed scheduler

Effective March 1, Fayez became the scheduler for our community center.  He will be available on Sunday evenings after 7:30 for pre-arranged permit  completion.  Over the next month, he will transition into the inquiry and booking of  appointment aspect of the role.  He has met with David Lyon,who has been looking after that part of the job.  He has meet with Pauline to ensure that there is a smooth link between renting the centre and picking up the keys and AV equipment.  Fayez has met with Niki and Johnm who are now responsible for the group activities that occur at the Centre.  In due course he will meet with Allen, who continues to make activities known and encourage their being well utilized.

As the acting schedulers David Lyon and I have enjoyed meeting people and helping to make booking of Tangewood Park Centre an at-your-service experience.  This is the third time I’ve been in this role over the last two years.  A fews weeks ago, when chatting with former long-time scheduler Sharon Graff while she was booking the Centre, she said that she missed meeting neighbors, friends  and others while  doing the job. She said that its much easier now to know when the Centre is available: thca.ca – rentals.  I hope you benefit from the changes in the making appointments that took place over the last four months.  Graeme

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