Flower & Garden Contest 2012

The following are the winners of the Flower and Garden Contest.

There was a total of 33 photo’s taken.

Photo’s were taken on the 22-7-12

Due to weather conditions this year there wasnt a whole lot to choose from

Single Family:  Winner-         30 Canbury Cres.

Runner-Up – 8 Mardil Court


Semi-detached: Winner- 19 Foxmeadow Lane

Runner-Up- 23 Foxmeadow Lane


Rock Garden: Winner- 37 Downsview Cres

Runner-Up- 6 Finrod Court


Townhouse: Winner-5 Kedgewick Court

Runner-Up-22D Woodfield Drive

Best St:   Foxmeadow  Lane

Flower & Garden contest was done by Gale & Allen Deering  without predjudice

Photo’s will be available at a latter date.

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