Garage Sale/Community Centre Open House Breakfast: June 2

 Annual Community Garage Sale & Open House  June 2   8:00 to Noon

Thinking about or have been cleaning out your home and garage of items that once were your treasurers.  Someone else could use or appreciate them.   Join us by participating  in our Annual – well advertised Community Garage Sale.  Bring your items to the community centre (rain or shine).  There are a  limited  number of tables.  These are free for those holding a membership card.    Yes we know it might seem easier to hold your own yard sale on the same day, but we have added features to make it interesting if not more fun.

We encourage you to use the occasion to tour the Centre, meet  Pauline our facility manager,  Fayez our scheduler and Niki and John our managers of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.  Also present will be the Paul and Dave our soccer couches, leaders Danilo of Neighbourhood Watch, Anna of community concerns, Annet of membership and Franz of volunteer initiatives.  Learn how to receive notices of upcoming events

Our chefs will prepare a breakfast well-worth coming out for on its own.  Direct inquiries to [email protected]

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