Handling Inquiries by phone or at the Door

False house calls prompt warning from City
Ward 9, Councillors Egli’s newsletter notes that the City of Ottawa has received reports of unknown salespeople approaching the homes of residents and identifying themselves as City employees. They claim the city requires access to the home to perform water quality tests.

Any visits by City staff that may require access to homes or businesses are scheduled in advance unless an emergency situation exists. Residents are also provided with advance notice of projects that might impact them.

Residents are reminded that all employees requesting access must show City-issued photo identification. Residents who are directly contacted by persons claiming to be City employees for City business are asked to check identification, and, if concerns remain, contact 3-1-1 before allowing access. Residents are also asked to report any suspicious phone calls or visits to police
Check out the THCA’s Safety Tips on either dealing with people at the door or on the phone.

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