Keith Egli’s February Open House

THCA president Graeme Roderick attended Councillor Egli’s February’s Open House.  The agenda included a discussion of snow removal and salting procedures in the ward by Kevin Monette, area manager, Road & Traffic Operations, & Kevin Wylie, manager: Roads, Traffic Ops and Mainenance; Matt Eason, as seen standing on the left, representative: Rail Implementation Office; and Marilyn Journeaux, manager Solid Waste Services.  Graeme spoke with Marilyn about Tanglewood Park Community Centre’s Committee of Management’s interest in participating in the City’s recycling program.  She was receptive to TPCC putting bens at the curb.  We need to provide her with our address.  Graeme learnt that the City will repair lawn damage caused by snow plowing/removal. A number of other presidents of community associations including Carol Miller of Manordale – in the foreground. Carol and Keith Egli congratulated us on Jordy Wings second-place performance in the fourteen team Ward 9 hockey tournament .

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