Neighbourhood Watch Section of Website focuses on Prevention

Danilo, John and Graeme wish to alert you to the steps THCA has taken to revitalize Neighbourhood Watch.  We published  the household checklist.  Please print.  A  Neighbourhood Watch blog of this web site is now open.  You can subscribe to receive by email a postings made by our community police officer Tim Murphy.  You can join 450 other residents: be a watcher.  Available there are Safety Tips and  A Map of current Police Incident reports in our Community.

While the other resources are self-explanatory, the Map is found under the Watch’s left nav bar. A click will bring  up a map of Ottawa West. On the left side of the top of the page, type in your address. This will focus the map on our Neighbourhood.   To the right are three buttons, for now the first two have utility.  The first allows you to specify a date range, defaulted to be two weeks.  The second button allows you to broaden the default choices of type of incidents.  We suggest that you include property and traffic.  These will appear on the neighbourhood map.  Click any of the icons (i.e vehicle) that come up throughout the neighbourhood and a pop up box will provide details.

Our next steps are

Feedback is welcome.

THCA Board of Directors

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