THCA Directors express views on City’s proposed Lobbyist Registry

Today, the chairman of THCA’s Board of Directors informed Councillor K. Egli that it endorses Fisher Heights & Area Community Association’s observation that while the staff report recommends that the proposed Lobbyist Registry not apply to community groups and associations [even if they are lobbying for funding]  but the draft Bylaw does not exclude community associations and other citizen groups from the registry.   Bob McCaw, president of Fisher Heights told members of  City’s Governance Renewal Sub-committee that his remarks on this and related matters  also reflected some of the concerns of other community associations in Knoxdale-Merivale Ward.

As well, THCA’s chairman informed our councillor that Directors had also endorsed The Glens and Trend-Arlington Community Associations’ observations that paid representatives of the development industry who are lobbying municipal government at any phase of the planning & rezoning process should be required to register.  Agnes Warda of the Glens in her presentation  to the committee said  doing so would add to transparency.

Today, James O’Grady, KM Council’s secretary and Federation of Citizens Associations’ vice president was interview by CBC Radio’s Allen Neal of  program – All In A Day.   Iola Price of  Rockcliff Park Residents Association, who heard the interview said to James “you did a great job – got all the important messages out I think.  Sadly, developers and City staff will still be able to agree on the nature of the staff report that recommends increasing height, density etc; and spot re-zoning will be agreed upon before we ever hear that the plans were afoot.”

The change of bylaw will come before council July 11.  If approved it will come into effect September 1.   Those who do fall under the proposed registry’s terms would have to register within 15 days of the meeting; pre-registration isn’t a requirement. Councillor Egli thanked us for making a representation, and thanked those mentioned above for making presentations.

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