THCA & Neighbourhood Watch

THCA’s Community Safety Committee recently achieved its second benchmark – confirming a current  membership record by which to promote Neighbourhood Watch on this Website.

Members were recently advised on two way communications tools that are now in place:  subscribing & commenting on Blog posts and replying to e-mail alerts.  Two features that can be found under the Activity Tab, Neighbourhood Watch Header are:

Crime Incidents in Our Community, and Safety Tips.

Members were encouraged to subscribe to either the General Post or the Watch Post.  Those interested in being a member of Neighbourhood Watch are also encouraged to complete an application also found under the Activities tab and Neighbourhood Watch Header.  For Watch members who have yet to share their email address, a circular will be placed in their mailbox.

Co-ordinators look forward to telling you more about our program at the Open House (breakfast) being held in conjunction with the Community Garage Sale on June 2 at the Community Centre.

Danilo & Graeme

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