THCA’s views on Cell Towers in the Neighbourhood

Since last spring, Danilo Orozco of our THCA Board of Directors and the president of the Crestlea Crescent Condominium Corporation has been monitoring the manner in which cell towers get approved. He spoke to those assembled at our last November Recognition Day/Annual General Meeting of his futile efforts to effect change to the antenna at 1637 Woodroffe Avenue and for the need of the city to play an active role in approval process. He noted that both THCA and the Mandordale-Woodvale Community Assoication endorsed his efforts.   He has also encouraged the City to ensure a role for public consultation/meeting as part of their approval process. “The voice of those most effected ought to he heard” he said. Danilo and president Graeme Roderick attend a hearing on this matter on February 28th at the Planning Committee of Council. He spoke eloquently about his concern for his and neighbours’ children. He encouraged Council to undertake a community consultation with all cell antenna applications. Council Keith Egli was present to lend support to Danilo. He forwarded our letter to him to the Planning Committee memebrs.
Sol Shuster of the Greenspace Alliance endorsed a view that the City has a duty to care by ensuring a cell phone antenna is an prudent distance from residential homes.  I urge everyone to take this seriously, spread the word, and act fast -start by protesting the attempt at eliminating the City’s land-use authority for the location of cell phone towers. Not just individuals, groups like the Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa and every community organization should be concerned and ought to react.

Daniol’s submission: cell_tower_antenna_concern

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