Tips for Coping With Drought Conditions

All three local conservation authorities have issued level 1 and 2 drought advisories and are calling for the voluntary reduction in water use.

The City of Ottawa’s central drinking water system used in our neighbourhood relies on the Ottawa River. The water demand for the entire City currently represents about 1 per cent of the Ottawa River flow.  Ottawa residents who get their water from the central drinking water system are permitted to fill their pools and water their lawns and gardens; however our City encourages the wise use of water. Lawns need only a limited amount of water to survive and residents are asked to try to keep their sprinklers aimed at their grass and gardens Vehicle  and driveway washing is discouraged

Residents are also encouraged to take caution when disposing of cigarettes and matches.   Ottawa Fire Services has had numerous calls over the past few weeks for smouldering mulch at homes and businesses, all caused by improperly discarded cigarette butts. Back in April, Ottawa Fire Services implemented a burn ban in order to prevent the rapid spread of fire due to grass and bush fires. Councilor K. Egli notes that the City will have a zero tolerance approach with respect to any burning in contraventions of the Open Air Fire By-law and the current burn ban. Anyone caught violating the ban will be fined. This ban will remain in place until conditions improve.


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