Users of our Parks and Pathways

Tanglewood Hillsdale has two parks, the Tanglewood Park where our rink, courts and play structure is located and the Medhurst Park, where the children play structures are located. Some communities has more interesting parks than our own.  But we have an interesting circuit pathway through our community which is good for walking and is connected to the Tanglewood Park.

Seniors in Ottawa last fall completed  “Meet Me in our Park” Survey developed by the Seniors Health Promotion Coalition (SHPC). Three hundred and twenty one people responded ranging in age from under to 50 years to 80 years plus.  So, are older adults going to their local park? Sixty four percent said, “YES!”  and what they reported enjoy doing most is walking (31%).  Suggestions offered by older adults on how to make city parks more older adult friendly included adding benches/seating, washrooms, improving lighting and safety, and adding more trees and shade.

We will obtain the survey and post it under the poll section of our site,  with a reference to how to participate in our next newsletter Staying Connected.  .


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