Vandals Target Centre

Neighbourhood Watch trusts that you regularly visit the Map of Local Police Incidents accessed via the Watch’s page situated under the Programs tab.  If you were not aware, you soon realize that Incidents do happen in our neighbourhood. The photo of what happened at the community centre roof on April 13 is a harsh reminder.

You are encouraged to work towards keeping our community free of crime. Is it a safe assumption that those who did this to the roof of our well-used Centre were not residents of this neighbourhood?  The Watch would hope so.  If you have information about this Friday evening/night incident that you can share with the police, you are encouraged to do so by calling them at (613) 236-1222. And you are also encourage to review THCA’s checklist of home security tips.

Danilo and Graeme have an already  scheduled meeting Tuesday with Community Police Const Tim Murry, who oversees Neighbourhood Watch in this sector of our City. This Watch Post will report the outcome. By subscribing, you can receive the Watch blog’s posts without having to return to this website for new postings.  You can also comment on postings.  It’s a monitored blog, but most comments being posted would be up with 24 hours of having been received.   

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