Crime Prevention Tips for the Holiday Season from the Ottawa Police Service

With the holiday season upon us, the Ottawa Police Service and your Community Police Centres would like to remind Ottawa residents of a few simple steps to ensure everyone has a safe holiday season whether you are doing last minute shopping, visiting friends or celebrating at home.

1. When shopping, make sure that you always lock your vehicle.

2. Place parcels in the trunk and/or minimize the number of bags that can be seen.

3. Keep track of your debit and credit cards. Always protect your PIN number.

4. Take note of where you parked and the door you entered from, so when you leave, you are not walking around with a large number of parcels and attracting unnecessary attention.

5. On garbage day, do not throw out your “Big Ticket” boxes all at once. Cut the boxes up and fold them inside out to hide the original content pictures.

6. If away, ask that someone clean your driveway & walkway to give an appearance of occupancy.

7. Leave lights on a timer and have a neighbour/friend check your house daily.

Ottawa Police Service members and your community police officers wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Drive safely and don’t drink and drive.

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