Flower & Garden Contest 2013

The judging of this contest was done by Gale & Allen Deering  without prejudice

Photo’s  were taken on July 27/13

Single Family Home: 1st-10 Garrick

Runner-up – 122 Nestow

Honorable Mention – 58 Brockington


Semi-detached/Bungalow: 1st- 69 Benlea Dr

Runner-up- 9 Foxmeadow

Honorable Mention- 21 Benlea Dr.


Town House/Garden Home: 1st- 413B Woodfield

Runner-up- 26 B & C Benlea Dr.

Honorable Mention- 206 Woodfield


Best Street:   1st- Benlea Dr.

Runner-up- Foxmeadow

Honorable Mention: Nestow

Note: Picking Best Street was not easy as they all were quite close.

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