Streetproofing for Women

Streetproofing for Women
What is it?
This course develops self defense tactics and the knowledge of personal safety. 
Topics may include but are not limited to hand and leg strikes, various escapes and releases, 
safety in the car and home, date rape, self defense and the law, and the sexual abuse of children.
This course adheres to the concept of educating the total individual in both the mental and physical
domains. The basic instruction program, of which self defense is a component, offers students 
opportunities to gain knowledge and skill in a variety of practical situations.
The self-defense techniques of this course are based on a general knowledge of martial arts. 
Situational awareness aspects, assault statistics, legal aspects and some tactics are derived
from local and national rape crisis centres, and local police agencies.

1. Become aware of personal safety issues including preventive measures and tactics to avoid or 
prevent personal attacks.
2. Learn up-to-date sexual assault statistics along with psychological profiles of rapists and criminals.
Related topics such as self defense and the law, sexual abuse of children, acquaintance rape, domestic
violence and will also be covered.
3. Learn about the various types of weapons that are being sold as self-defense tools and the advantages
and disadvantages of each of these.
4. Be trained in the unconventional weapons of opportunity along with practical common sense techniques.
5. Develop responses to actual situations.
Interested communities members can learn more about the program by calling 613-236-1222 extension 6777,
and leaving a message. A volunteer will return your call with information and upcoming dates for the 

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