Aggresive Door to Door Sales

Alert From Your CPC

The Community Police Center recently received a complaint from Councilor Egli’s office regarding aggressive door to door sales person in the Tanglewood area.

It is important to understand that not every door to door salesperson is out to scam you; they may in fact represent a legitimate business. Keep your guard up and use the below safety tips to assess if this is a scam or legitimate offer.
Warning Signs:

Arrive unannounced.

Say “We’re from you current water heater provider, utility or local municipality” or “ I just need to check your bill to ensure the necessary adjustments have been made”.

Use scare tactics to promote their product.

Pressure you to sign a contract

Refuse to leave product information behind
What can you do – Safety Tips:

Ask questions! A reputable sales associate will have no problem answering your questions. i.e. what company do you represent, can I see your ID, how long have you been in business, what are the cancellation fees, can you leave the contract so I can review it on my own time

Call the organization they’re representing to verify the information provided to you

Don’t let them inside your home under any circumstance

Don’t be pressured to sign a contract on the spot. (Limited time offer or scare tactics).

Read and compare the contract with your old agreement prior to signing

If they are rude or insist on coming into your home, ask them to leave and/or call the police (613-230-6211)

If you signed a contract, under the Ontario Consumer Protection Act you have 10 days to cancel and up to 1 year if you were misled or deceived.
If you are uncomfortable with a situation: Say No!! It is not impolite it is your RIGHT!!

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