Halloween – Safety Tips

To help families have a safe trick-or-treating experience, the Ottawa Police
offers you the following tips and tricks:

* Make sure your children can be seen. Visibility is an important
safety consideration. Flashlights with fresh batteries, glow sticks and
reflective tape are must-haves on Halloween and will enable drivers to see
kids as they scout from door to door.

* Children should walk on the sidewalk and go to well lit homes on one
side of the street; then cross safely at an intersection to visit homes on
the other side of the street.

* Ensure costumes are fitted. Make sure your child’s Halloween costume
is made of flame-resistant materials and is well fitted. Costumes that drag
on the ground can pose a tripping hazard, which can be a serious danger if
kids fall while crossing the street. Masks, hats and other accessories
should also fit your child properly without inhibiting their vision.
Halloween makeup is a safer option.

* Always trick-or-treat in groups. Accompany your children when they
go out trick-or-treating. Older children may want to go with friends. If
so, plan a route and make them carry a fully charged cell phone in case they
get separated from the group.

* Check Halloween candy carefully. Treat your kids to a Halloween
snack before they head out so that they are less likely to eat the candy
they gather before you have a chance to inspect their loot bags. Teach your
children never to eat treats that are in packages that have been opened,
show pinholes or have other damage. And remember, avoid homemade treats or
fruit unless they are from a family member or close friend.

* Find help. Teach your children to find a police officer if they are
lost or need help while trick-or-treating.

* Motorists: be aware of children on the streets. With all the
excitement some may forget to look both ways before crossing. Drive
carefully and slowly when on residential streets.


Happy Halloween! Be Safe!

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