Holidays Crime Prevention Tips

Travel: As you may have heard or experienced yourself, the white stuff and it’s close cousin, the shiny stuff – are here and they make the roads that we walk and drive on very slippery, please allow MORE – More time to reach your destination, More distance between you and the vehicles around you and MORE patience in dealing with the traffic tie-ups that arise when people don’t use MORE.

Going away for the holidays?; remove valuables from sight of windows and doors, use good locks and if you don’t have one already, consider an alarm system. Prevention is a Good thing!

Shopping: This is the beginning (or middle or end) of the holiday shopping season. Please secure your valuables – keep your purse on your shoulder, monitor your credit card bills for false charges and be sure to remove valuables from your vehicle (or at least remove them from sight). A back seat full of shopping bags is an easy target. Keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up.

Safety: The Ottawa Drowning Prevention Coalition is raising awareness of how to prevent drowning on area waterways. With the colder temperatures here, it is important that Ottawa residents remember to stay well away from area waterways.

The water temperature of lakes and rivers is now dangerously cold. Curious toddlers are often drawn to fast-flowing water but do not understand the dangers. Water levels this year are higher than usual and are accompanied by soft, slippery banks that are treacherous, particularly for young children, and the family pet.

Last year, Ottawa’s emergency services responded to 78 calls for incidents on or near waterways.

Here are a few tips that will keep you, your children and pets safe…

* Water temperature is now dangerously cold. Stay away.
* Children are drawn to the water. Please know where your children are at all times.
* Parents should discuss with their children the dangers waterways may cause. The message should be…stay away.
* Keep pets well away from the edge of waterways. Always have a dog on a leash when near waterways.

As always, we appreciate your support; if you see dangerous or illegal activity, please report it to us asap. Your actions demonstrate your care for your community!

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