Secure your Vehicle

There has been an increased amount of reports regarding
theft from vehicles within our community. In some of those instances cars
have been unlocked. In others cases cars have been locked and the window
smashed. In 99% of the cases items have been left in the vehicle; in plain

It is very important to remember to remove all valuables out of your car.
When items are left in the vehicle you increase your chance of being
targeted by thieves. You may think no one will want your gym bag of
sweaty clothing but thieves don’t know what is in that bag!

Items typically targeted by thieves:
* Bags/briefcases
* Purses
* Wallets
* Electronics (laptops, IPADS, GPS,)
* Coats (other clothing)
* Sports equipment
* Loose change
* Sunglasses
* Anything they can make use of or sell.

Please take all necessary precautions to safe guard your property.

* Always lock your car
* If you have an alarm system activate it
* Remove all property from the vehicle
* Park your vehicle in your garage or in a well lit area with high
pedestrian/vehicle traffic
* Report any suspicious activity to police by calling 613-230-6211.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday season and Merry Christmas!!

Cst Sue Wright
Greenbank CPC
613-236-1222 ext 2179

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