Canada Revenue Agency Scam

The victim is told that they either owe money to the CRA or are owed a
refund. The caller may attempt to get the victim to go out and buy a
specific gift card in exchange for the money that they owe. This card
usually has a personal identification number (PIN) that the scammer will
request from the victim.

In some cases the caller will put pressure on the victim by telling them
that the police will be at their home to arrest them if they don’t pay right
away. (The CRA will NOT send police)

There may be other variations out these so please be on alert!

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from CRA saying that you
owe money and that you MUST pay now or face arrest, please hang up! Do NOT
provide them with any information. If you are concerned that it may be a
legitimate call then look up the CRA’s number yourself and place the call.

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  1. V keaney says:

    Money is also requested to be directed to a US account.
    Is anyone aware of any actions at a federal level to protect Canadians against these fraudulent activities?

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