Nepean Trail Options for Tanglewood

A public meeting will be held at the Community Centre, 30 Woodfield Drive on Wednesday, June 15 from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm.  The topic is the proposed bike lane / parking options along Woodfield Drive near Tanglewood Park.  To fulfill the connectivity objective of the Nepean Trail project, a proposed bike lane on both sides of Woodfield could replace existing on-street parking from the hydro lines on Woodfield  (Tanglewood Park) to Merivale Road, where the Nepean Trail then continues north to Colonnade Road.  One very important consideration is whether the on-street parking is a reflection of a real need to park there or whether there already is adequate existing space for parking off-road.

Your participation can help make sure that the outcome of the project best serves the needs of our community.

We encourage everyone to attend and discuss the options with the Ward Councillor, the Project Leader and the Consultant for Nepean Trail

This meeting is of special interest to local cyclists, users of local on-street parking  (i.e CCC #83, Community Centre and adjacent park uses, Minto [Tanglewood] renters

The following is an opinion piece prepared by a THCA member highlighting his concerns and suggestions.  The content may or may not reflect the views/opinions of the Tanglewood Hillsdale Community Association.

Nepean Trail Options for Tanglewood rev

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