What To Do During a Severe Winter Storm

What To Do During a Severe Winter Storm
High winds, low temperatures, heavy snowfall and even freezing rain can occur during a Ottawa winter. Winter storms have the potential to disrupt power to your home and our neighbourhood, and have the potential to affect your plans. It’s important to be prepared as these kinds of storms can hit quickly and without warning.

Getting ready for a winter storm

  • Know the weather forecast.
  • Have a 72-hour kit in your home in case you are unable to leave your home due to weather conditions.
  • Keep an emergency kit including a shovel in your vehicle, and ensure that your vehicle’s gas tank is at least half-full.

Coping with extreme winter weather

  • Don’t venture out for long if at all if extreme weather conditions are expected.  Don’t use outdoor recreational venues.
  • If you must travel, let someone know where you’re going, your route, and your expected arrival time. You may want to consider using public transportation to avoid driving in less than ideal road conditions.
  • Keep warm!
  • If you are going out, ensure you are dressed for the weather and have layers to add or remove in the case of changing weather.
  • Have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home and be especially cautious if you are using generators or space heaters indoors.

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