Old Time Fair Today June 3, 11 to 5 at Howard Darwin Centennial Arena

Bring your family and friends for some fun, Music, games and to learn about our heritage.


  1. Art Pattison says:

    I have just received a notice on June 5 of some historical event at Howard Darwin arena, not only after the event has happened but without and directions of address of where the event was taking place. (PS: My great grandfather was the first Reeve of Nepean township in the 1850’s)

  2. Niki says:

    Hi Sorry I forgot to post it earlier and I forgot to put the address of the arena on the post. I did post it on Saturday morning. If you can change the setting of when you receive your posts to immediately instead of weekly (Sorry I do not remember how to change that setting), then you will get the posts as soon as they are posted.
    Niki Mintenko

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