COVID-19 Information from OPH

Good morning,

Councillors and community members have been asking about the COVID-19 virus and community gatherings. Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has prepared the information below and I have included a link to a video below from Dr. Etches.

Ottawa Public Health is continually monitoring and assessing the situation in Ottawa and indeed across Ontario, Canada and around the world.

At this time, the risk in Ottawa remains low and there are no confirmed cases in our community. Further, we recognize that cancelling events and gatherings can lead to other concerns, such as social isolation. Therefore, we are not recommending that events be cancelled due to concerns relating to Coronavirus at this time.

We understand that this situation is causing anxiety and people have many questions. In order to ensure residents have factual and up-to-date information, OPH has created a new webpage, which is updated regularly. We continue to encourage residents to visit and refer people to for the latest information. Given that the situation is fluid, we recommend checking the page daily for updated guidance.

It is important for residents to understand that Coronavirus is spread through droplets, which travel a limited distance before falling to the ground, and there are things residents can do to minimize their risks:
• Wash their hands often with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available;
• Avoid touching their face – particularly their eyes, nose, and mouth – unless they have just washed their hands;
• Cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or their arm, not their hands;
• Stay home if they are ill; and
• If they encounter someone who is ill or who appears to be ill, maintain a distance of about 2 meters or more.

Kind Regards,
Councillor Keith Egli
Elected Representative to Ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale
110 Laurier Ave West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1
Tel: 613.580.2479
Fax: 613.580.2519

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