Incredible opportunity for youth ages 13-17!

Youth Ottawa is excited to share that TKS is offering an exclusive $500 scholarship for members of the Youth Ottawa community who apply.

The Knowledge Society (TKS)– a 10-month innovation program that is developing high potential young people (13-17 years old) to solve the world’s most important problems using exponential technologies like AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Genomics and more. TKS students have been invited to speak at conferences around the world, have interned at leading companies at the age of 14/15 years old, and have worked on advanced projects that are dramatically accelerating their personal development.

We thought this would be an incredible opportunity for students and think they would benefit immensely from the TKS program.

See below for more information on the program and how to apply.

The application deadline has been extended to July 15th for the Youth Ottawa Community.

This is a special message for Ottawa youth between the ages of 13-17:
The world’s leading innovation institute for students, The Knowledge Society (TKS), is looking for ambitious, curious and driven students from Ottawa to apply to their program.

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