Lock your doors and windows

There have been some Break-Ins in our neighborhood Not sure if anyone noticed last night but there was a high presence of Police in the area. The reason is that there was a man in his late teens or early 20’s going around trying to break into homes.

Our external program manager’s home was one of the homes the intruder tried to break in to. The intruder tried to get access through the bedroom window. When a noise was heard, the intruder was standing on a patio chair trying to get access. The intruder was confronted through the window. The intruder then got down off the chair after being informed the police were on the way.

The police received quite a few calls. As far as we know the intruder has not been caught. So be sure to lock your doors and windows at night. We don’t need this with everything that is going on with Covid 19. Stay safe and healthy


  1. Evert de Boer says:

    A person was picked up by police in our backyard at 2AM on Sunday April 26. (K2G 4A3 area). Police did not give any further details.

  2. Laura Boyaner says:

    Thank you for letting us know that someone was apprehended. Do we know how many houses he tried to get into?

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