Understand Anti Racism

CPO Virtual Speaker Series

Understanding Systemic Anti-Black Racism: How did we get here? Some of the “shapes” it takes on. What must be done? 

The brutal killing by Minneapolis police officers of an unarmed Black man named George Floyd has precipitated outrage and global protest. It has exposed, on a world stage, a reality that racialized Black people, have known and experienced for a very long time: systemic anti-Black racism. The presentation will help participants be better informed on topics such as: the European invention of the myth of “race”, a brief history of Canada’s racist policies including the enslavement of indigenous and Black peoples for over 200 years, evidence of the systemic nature of ongoing anti-Black racism, white privilege and what constructive steps we can take together. 

When: July 13, 2020   12:00  noon – 1:00 pm 

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey, Minister, Anti-Black Racism Trainer 

Register: To ask questions during the Q & A, you must register and participate in the Zoom webinar.

If you don’t wish to register and participate, you may view the session live on CPO’s Facebook page

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected] for more details. 

Presenters’ remarks will be in English only. Questions will be encouraged in both official Languages


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