Winter Trivia Walk

There is 1 week left to enter the draw for prizes for the Trivia walk.

I have put Questions about Winter Trivia in trees around our Neighborhood.

Please DO NOT TOUCH the pictures. If someone else is looking at a picture, Please keep your distance while you wait your turn and then go look.
I have put 2 sets of 10 pictures. One set is around the fields in Medhurst park between Medhurst and Woodfield. The other set of the same questions is on the path that goes from the Tanglewood park near the Community center (behind Rona), behind Downsview and Benlea, pass the toboggan hill, cross Benlea towards Woodfield, cross Woodfield towards Hydro 1 station and back to the park where you started. Take a piece of paper and a pencil to write your answers or make a note in your phone or take a picture and put the answers in an email. Send your email with your answers and comments to [email protected] If most of your answers are correct, your name will be entered into a draw for a prize. I will do the draw live on Facebook @thcadotca on March 7th, 2021 at 2pm.

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