Firefighters Need Winter Help

Despite the recent disappearance of snow near many Tanglewood-Hillsdale fire hydrants,  special neighbours are  needed in our community to keep their access clear. Or if a yellow flag is not upright, firefighters may not know exactly where the hydrant is located.  Snow-covered fire hydrants can cause firefighters to lose up to four minutes of precious time.

How can you help?  The City is looking for local Hydrant Heroes who can help their crews keep 1.5 metres clear around our neighbourhood hydrants.  These heroes monitor snow levels around local hydrant and shove snow away to prevent a buildup.  Or report a damaged or leaking hydrant

Might this be a family endeavour?  Sure!   Or might it be a young person’s challenge? Yes.  Young persons who participate can get a Hydrant Hero certificate.  Youth volunteers can also earn community involvement hours by participating as a Hydrant Hero. Visit to request your electronic Hydrant Hero certificate, to share your photos, or to request confirmation of community service hours.

For receive or give information visit, call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401) or 613-580-2400 to contact the City using Canada Video Relay Service.  You can also be connected through Facebook(link is external)Twitter (link is external)and Instagram(link is external).


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