Redevelopment of Esso Site Delayed

On January 22, a resident of our neighbourhood wrote to Councillor S. Devine and the Association’s president that the [western] welcome mat to our neighbourhood is 1545 Woodroffe, and at the this time it is turning into a slum mall. In its 02/13 newsletter, Councillor S. Devine’s office reported that notice had been recently received that site plan approval for 1545 Woodroffe was being extended to allow the      developer more time to get the project underway. It was reported that the risk of not granting an extension is that the developer would then have to start the process from scratch.  That could result in even more delays. Our Community Association and our Councillor are eager to see work get underway on the site, impacted by September 21, 2018 tornado . He is hopeful that work will begin this year and “will keep an eye on the file and continue doing what we can to encourage the project to move forward”.

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