About THCA

The Tanglewood-Hillsdale Residents Association Inc (Ontario Corporation Number 781402), also has a business number with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Our not-for-profit Association is commonly known as the  Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association (THCA).

The Mission of the THCA is to promote the civic and social interests of residents by:

The community encompasses the areas bounded by the CN tracks to the north, West Hunt Club Road to the south, Roydon Place to the east and Woodroffe Avenue to the west. click here to see a map

There are currently three classes of membership in the Association:

The Operations of the Association are managed by a Board of Directors in accordance with a set of Bylaws approved by the Association Membership.

The Community Association’s 8 -12 member elected Board of Directors provides direction and oversight through two committees and a number of portfolios:

The Management Committee of the Centre in conjunction with the City’s Recreation, Culture and Facility Services oversees the ball courts in two local parks, the community rink and the community garden.  From a leisure and social perspective, it organizes and/or schedules with third parties internal and external events and programs available for our residents of all ages.  Portfolios include

The Association is a member of

Residents are welcome at Board meetings and are encourages to assist and participate in the affairs of the Association.  Meeting Agenda and minutes are posted.