Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Volunteering offers networking opportunities. Volunteering in our neighbourhood allows you to meet other residents, including neighbourhood leaders.
  2. Volunteering helps you retain and sharpen old skills.  Sometimes employment duties change and you may no longer be doing things you used to do, and liked.  Volunteering is a perfect venue for keeping those skills sharp and current. And it is good way to add a noteworthy reference.
  3. Volunteering is the good place to develop new skills. THCA welcomes new volunteers.  Employers are often seeking well-rounded individuals who have good teamwork, goal setting and communications skills. Or are mindful of public safety and security.
  4. Volunteering offers opportunities to practice skills in a relatively risk free environment. It is much more effective to practice a skill than to read about it or study it in a classroom.
  5. Volunteering can help you expand your horizons and explore new career or volunteer  options.  Demographics are changing rapidly in our society and volunteering is a great way to enhance cultural awareness.  Group work not only fosters teamwork, but also offers opportunities to learn more about different perspectives, and new technologies.
  6. Volunteering gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are doing good, being generous and involved in your neighbourhood. If you feel strongly about something that is happening or not happening here, get involved. Get others to join with you and craft new solutions to neighbourhood problems. Build a sense of belonging.
  7. Volunteering may give you visibility.  Volunteer work can indeed expose you to a wide range of people, including influential neighbourhood leaders or leaders from other neighbourhoods in our ward.
  8. Volunteering can be energizing/renewing. Sometimes we simply need a break in our routine, or an opportunity to create a balance in our lives. That energy and sense of fulfillment can carry over to a work situation and sometimes helps to relieve work tensions and foster new perspectives for old situations.
  9. Volunteering can create leaders. By watching those around you, you can begin to identify the qualities of leadership that you most admire and you can develop those qualities in yourself. Working in our volunteers talents will enhance your skill in representing yourself and your neighbors. You will met other neighbours who reside here. Networking with others may gives you ideas on how best  to assist in organizing our area.
  10. You and I live in a vibrant, cohesive and inclusive neighbourhood.  Can you and/or your family give back to it, so as to help sustain its character and quality of life?  A commitment of your time and energy will give you personal satisfaction.