Reserving the Kitchen:

  1. 1. Check Room Availability
  2. 2. Submit Booking Request

90% of your questions can be answered by checking the room availability calendar and web pages/sidebar.   Should you require additional information, or BY APPOINTMENT ONLY want to view the facility please email [email protected]


(1)  Availability is subject to change.

(2)  It is our general policy to leave 15-30 minutes unreserved time between events

(3) All requests must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of your booking to give time to the Scheduler to confirm your Reservation Request and issue a Rental Permit.

Kitchen (shaded in yellow)


Schedule of Rental Rates for the Kitchen
Occasional User
full meals
Exclusive Use
Occasional User
light refreshments
Exclusive Use
Regular Users
light refreshments
Shared Use
12.00 per event 12.00 per event 25.00 per year
Kitchen can be shared when serving light refreshments  (annual charge applies).
For full meals and dinner parties kitchen is exclusive use.    
You may hire an outside caterer.                         IMPORTANT:  It is recommended that the caterer have insurance coverage in the event that someone gets sick while eating their food, someone injures themselves if they trip over a piece of equipment, or someone gets scalded by a hot dish.   Their policy does not extend to the event host therefore the permit holder should obtain their own liability insurance.