Lions Den

Reserving the Lions Den:

  1. 1. Check Room Availability
  2. 2. Submit Booking Request

90% of your questions can be answered by checking the room availability calendar and web pages/sidebar.   Should you require additional information, or BY APPOINTMENT ONLY want to view the facility please email [email protected]


(1)  On the booking form you will be able to select one or multiple rooms.  For example, Lions Den + Kitchen + Lounge

(2)  Please note availability is subject to change.

(3)  It is our general policy to leave 15-30 minutes unreserved time between events

(4)  All requests must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of your booking to give time to the Scheduler to confirm your Reservation Request and issue a Rental Permit.

(5)  A $25.00 service charge will be applied i) where booking contracts for the Lions Den are cancelled or amended, and ii) against payments returned by the bank due to insufficient funds or payments not cleared.

Lions Den (shaded in yellow)

Approximate size in feet: 22 X 19 Approximate Capacity 15 to 25 Persons

The capacity of 25 persons is based on either standing adults (e.g. wine and cheese) or a seated audience (eg. annual general meeting, presentation or religious service).  Capacity is less for an “active” event (e.g. family gathering with children, yoga or dancing lessons).  The Lions Den offers an LG 40” monitor (wall mounted), with HDMI ports to connect your computer.

Schedule of Rental Rates for Lions Den
Not-For-Profit Activity 8.00/hr* 20.00/hr 25.00/hr
Private Activity 20.00/hr 20.00/hr 25.00/hr
Commercial Activity 20.00/hr*** 50.00/hr 65.00/hr

*  Not-for-profit activity rate does not apply after 4:00 pm on Saturdays.  Refer to Private Activity/Event rates.

** Special Events with Liquor are subject to mandatory insurance coverage.

*** This rate does not apply if activity requires a registration fee prior to participation.

The activity category determines the rate to be applied to the rental and is based upon what the group is doing in the facility.