Outdoor Rink

Reserving the Rink:

  1. 1. Check Room Availability
  2. 2. Submit Booking Request

For additional information or to arrange an appointment to view the facility email [email protected]


(1)  Availability is subject to change.

(2)  It is our general policy to leave 15-30 minutes unreserved time between events

(3)  All requests must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of your booking to give time to the Scheduler to confirm your Reservation Request and issue a Rental Permit.

(4)  Exclusive booking of rink available during non-supervised hours only. Minimum $12 charge applies for use of the skate-change room.

Check Ice Conditions

Schedule of Rental Rates for the Hockey Rink
No Charge

Tanglewood Park Skating Rink