Multi-Purpose Room (Seasonal Skate Change)

Reserving the Multi-Purpose Room:

  1. 1. Check Room Availability
  2. 2. Submit Booking Request

Note: washrooms for the centre are accessed via this room — this is a common/shared space.

Exclusive use of this space is included with a full-building rental of $50/hour (no alcohol) except during the winter skating season when it’s used as a skate change room.

90% of your questions can be answered by checking the room availability calendar and web pages/sidebar.   Should you require additional information, or BY APPOINTMENT ONLY want to view the facility please email [email protected]


(1)  Availability is subject to change.

(2)  It is our general policy to leave 15-30 minutes unreserved time between events

(3)  All requests must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of your booking to give time to the Scheduler to confirm your Reservation Request and issue a Rental Permit.

(4)  A $25.00 service charge will be applied i) where booking contracts are cancelled or amended, and ii) against payments returned by the bank due to insufficient funds or payments not cleared.

Rink Skate Change Room Rentals (not exclusive) available when rink not in supervised operation

Schedule of Rental Rates for the Skate Change Room: $8/hour minimum two (2) hours


Multi-Purpose Room (Seasonal Skate Change)

Approximate size in feet: 22 X 19
Approximate Capacity 10 to 20 Persons

The building’s washrooms are directly off this space

Multi-Purpose Room, set-up for rink season

Multi-Purpose Room, set-up as common area for non-rink season