Reservation Process

Reservation Process (step by step)

  1. Review and Accept the Rental Terms and Conditions
  2. Assess room Suitability, Size, Availability (dates, start and end times), Photos and Rates (cost/hour)
    Hillsdale Hall / LIONs Den / Lounge / Multipurpose (Skate Room) / Kitchen
  3. When planning an event, the rental period must include the time that the client needs access to the building for set-up/take-down activities, for decorating, and for general clean-up activities.
  4. When planning an event, the client ensures that the activity for which the rental is made complies with all municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations, and where required, the client must obtain any necessary permits, licenses or authorizations applicable to the activity.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Noise By-Law No. 2017-255, The Smoke-free Public Places By-Law, the provisions of the Municipal Alcohol Policy, and all LCBO regulations.
  5. Complete and submit our on-line Reservation Booking Request
  6. Insurance is mandatory with the exception of meetings.
  7. We may contact you to clarify your reservation details.
  8. We will provide you the rental and insurance cost (if applicable) by email within 2-3 days with rental documents attached.
  9. Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis prioritized according to the City’s guidelines for allocation of space.  A tentative/pending booking will be held for a maximum of two weeks.
  10. Meet with the Rental Scheduler to:
      • Sign Rental Permit
      • Pay Permit Rental Fees and Insurance in cash, cheque or by electronic e-transfer to [email protected]
      • Provide a $100 Damage Deposit (Cashed only if following your event there are deficiencies and we need to apply the complete or a portion of the deposit. The contract holder will be responsible for full restitution for damages or deficiencies caused to the facility or equipment resulting from the use of the facility/premises by the contract holder.)
      • Provide Proof of Insurance, purchase City of Ottawa insurance, or for meetings assume full responsibility for damages and claims
  11. The full rental fee and insurance is due no later than 30 days prior to the event, or immediately if the event is less than 14 days away, or immediately if there is another request.
  12. Users who have booked the facility in the past, and are comfortable with the process, can sign and return the rental permit by email or drop-off at our mailbox along with payment for rental fees, deposit and insurance (if applicable)
  13. To obtain access to the facility we use lockboxes.  The contract holder will receive an email with access codes (lockbox and alarm system) 2-3  days prior to your event date.
  14. At the end of your event complete the Facility Checklist and leave it in our mailbox next to the main entrance.

City of Ottawa Policy on Alcohol

[email protected]

(Facility Rentals:  90% of the emails that we receive can be answered on our website.   Before you send us an email PLEASE have a look at the pages and side bar at   –you will find availability calendar, description and photos of rooms, hourly rates, equipment, reservation process  etc.–  It will save you some time.)