Program Terms & Conditions

Programs at the Tanglewood Park Community Centre (Centre) are either run by the Centre or a third party such as the City of Ottawa. These terms and conditions apply to programs run by the Centre.

Programs must be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment can be made by cheque, e-Transfer to [email protected]  or cash. Cheques are made payable to “Tanglewood Park Community Centre”.  E-transfers will list the vendor on statements as THCA-Tanglewood Park Community Centre.

Wait list

While the Centre seeks to accommodate those wishing to register, there are capacity limits on enrollments. If at capacity, a wait list is established. If a spot should become available due to another person cancelling or transferring out of the class, you will receive a call from the program and events manager. At that time you can decide whether to take or decline the spot.

Cancellation of Program

A program with insufficient registration will be cancelled. If a program is cancelled, every attempt will be made to reschedule. If the program cannot be rescheduled, a refund will be issued.


If you want a refund, you must contact
For programs Inside the Community center email [email protected]
For programs outside the community center email [email protected]
Refunds can only be issued by cheque.

Returned cheque

A service fee will be charged on all cheques returned as Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), Stop Payment or Funds Not Cleared.

Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association Membership (THCA) discount

THCA members are eligible for a discount on Tanglewood Park Community Centre run programs only.

February 2020