Neighbourhood Watch

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Neighbourhood Watch is a program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at discouraging and preventing crime in our neigbourhood. A neighbourhood where people are alert to the potential of crime and willing to look out for one anther’s interests is a neighbourhood where crimes are least likely to occur.

The THCA Neighbourhood Watch Program was started over ten years ago and in the ensuing years many residents became involve in the program.  We would like to expand and keep our Neighbourhood Watch Program active by reaching out to those in the community who are not currently registered and encourage them to take on an active role in the program.

What can you do? its entirely up to you. You can simply become a member or you can also take an active role as a Committee Member, Coordinator or Block Captain. Everyone can do something and your involvement really does make a difference.

A good place to start is to become a Member and getting to know the neighbours around you, you’ll be positioned to recognize someone or something that’s suspicious.

The Neighbourhood Watch Program encourages participation in crime prevention. As part of the program, you can learn:

For additional information contact [email protected]  or Visit the Ottawa Neighbourhood Watch page and have a look at ONW documents and publications or check out our Neighbourhood Watch Notice Board at the center at 30 Woodfield Drive.