Feeling Secure and Safe

Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association’s Neighbourhood Watch[1] reminds current and new residents that together we live in a safe neighbourhood of townhouses, semi-detached, single homes, an apartment building and 40 businesses.  Each of us is a member of this neighbourhood and can help to protect its character as a safe place to raise our families.  Collectively, we can be a vibrant community, where members of all households are proud to say to family, friends, and work/school mates that they reside here.  There’s a community spirit here.

There are several elements to a sense of community; a feeling of being connected; a self perception as having influence here on issues that matter;  a sentiment of being able to meet here most of your needs for safety, services and respect and emotional connection.

Indicators of ‘sense of belonging’ are;

01. Know neighbours on each side of you, are respectful of one another.

02. Exchange help between neighbours.

03. Chats outside, waves, visits, socializes.

04. Looks out for one another’s interest.

05. Acquainted with, knows, can identify young people who live on your  street/block

06. Feels home secure when not there, feels safe when in back yard or out for a walk on our pathways

07. Participates, volunteers in local group(s or initiatives

08. Knows amenities, facilities and services available

10. Aware of neighbourhood issues

11. Shares a belief that together neighbours/residents have the ability to tackle issues.

12. Visits our website, subscribes to our blogs and/or read Staying Connected.

[1] Material for this factsheet was adapted from Neighbourhood Watch website, Ottawa Police website and the Federation of Calgary Federation of Community Associations’ Website.