Apartment Safety

Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association’s Neighbourhood Watch recognizes that some of its member’s live in the Apartments -100 Medhurst Drive, next to Medhurst Park. For current and new residents of our neighbourhood, the following information is provided.

Always remain aware of your surroundings:
• Get to know your neighbour(s.
• Always keep your apartment door locked when you are at home.
• Make sure you lock your apartment door, patio doors and all windows whenever you leave your apartment.
• Never use your intercom to let strangers into the building, regardless of what reason they give you. Direct them
to call the resident manager.
• Make certain that all doors have shut behind you whenever you enter or leave the building.
• Never prop open the entrance doors and leave them unattended. If you are Moving, post someone at the door.
• Do no hold the secure entrance door open for strangers when you come in or go out. Tell them to buzz the person
they are visiting or the resident manager.
• Inform resident manager or neighbour of vacation start and return date and leave a number where you can be
reached. Cancel deliveries including mail.
• Report lost keys to the resident manager immediately.
• Use your first initial and last name only on the mailbox. Do not use Ms. Mrs or Mr. on the intercom panel.
• Do not linger alone in common areas such as laundry room.
• Do not store valuable items in storage areas. Report persons loitering in the vicinity.
• Make sure the garage door goes down behind you when you enter or leave underground garage. Lock your vehicle.
• Report any suspicious activity, theft, vandalism or other criminal offence to the police immediately and then
notify the resident manager.
THCA 02/12