Phone Safety

Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association’s Neighbourhood Watch[1] reminds you that many of us are listed on-line though Canada 411 or in the phone book.

While convenient, it requires us to be vigilant when listing ourselves in the phone book and receiving phone calls.

Treating a stranger on the phone the same way you would at the door.

When do you call the police?   Police should be notified if you receive an unusual number of “wrong number” calls, hang-ups, late night calls from strangers, obscene or other unusual phone calls. Call the police immediately if someone threatens you or your family.   Consider calling 211 for a remedy. If necessary, you can change your phone number.

2/12 THCA’s Neighbourhood Watch

[1] [1] Material for this factsheet was adapted from Neighbourhood Watch website, Ottawa Police website and the Federation of Calgary Federation of Community Associations’ Building Safer Communities Website.