Safety Tips

Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association’s Neighbourhood Watch remind the 4,000 residents of our comunity that we are primarily a neighbourhood of young and middle aged adults. The following information and topics may be of interest to them.

In 2006, the distribution across age groups was as follows: 9% were children under 9 years of age, 13% were youth aged 10 to 19, 30% were young adults aged 20 to 39, 41% were middle aged adults aged 40 to 69, and 8% were seniors aged 70 to 89.   That year, the property crime rate of 46 per thousand was higher than the city average of 42.5 per thousand. Personal crimes rates were lower than the city average of 6.5 per thousand, at 3.5 per thousand

A checklist on Household Safety

Apartment Safety

Disputes with Neighbors


Halloween Safety

Personal Safety When Out for A walk

Phone Safety

Protecting your Personal Identify

Safety at Home

Sexting and Bullying Prevention

Theft-Proofing your vehicle